Endors Way

When the mutilated body of Det, Michael Jameson washes ashore on Bondi Beach, his partner and life-long friend, Sean Harrigan swears he will bring the killers to justice. The ensuing investigation leads Harrigan through the graphically violent underworld of some Australia’s most dangerous and unpredictable bikie gangs. As the manhunt intensifies it becomes clear that the psychopathic mastermind controlling the bikers, a shadowy, enigmatic figure known only as Endor, is being protected by powerful elements at the very top of the NSW Police Force. Read full synopsis

Endor’s way is a psychological thriller set between Bondi Beach, Sydney, and the Island of Inis Mór, Galway, The Republic of Ireland. The story opens with the body of Detective Michael Jameson, washing up on Bondi Beach in the early hours of the morning. At first it appears that Jameson was murdered by the mysterious drug dealer Endor, but as the story progresses we begin to wonder if somebody from the police force could be involved as well. Sean Harrigan - the dead policeman’s partner - who was just about to resign from the Drug Squad, has to decide whether he should pursue Det. Jameson’s killers. Once he commits to this course, a series of events make it clear that his own life is in danger and that there is nobody within the Police Dept. that he can trust. As Harrigan pursues the killers he begins to wonder if his old friend and partner Jameson, had been as honest as he had always believed. In search of proof he travels to Ireland where he discovers some startling facts about his own family history after meeting with one of the IRA’s top men, Seamus O’Neal. A man who holds the key to Endor’s identity and the truth about the psychopathic mastermind behind the most powerful drug cartel in the Sothern Hemisphere.

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